Curator and Juror


Critical MASS

Artspace, Shreveport, LA

This innovative program run by the Shreveport Regional Arts Council, combines the jurying and curating of exhibitions by visiting critics across the US. Critics are commissioned to write guest reviews in the local media, and speak at Artspace. Robert assisted with the design of the program and has overseen the selection of critics since 2013.

His longstanding collaboration with Pam Atchison and the SRAC has led to other jurying opportunities, including the selection of the Shreveport’s recent Artist Fellowships.

Contributions to local media

Poetic: Artists in a Visionary Mode

William D. Cannon Art Gallery

Carlsbad, CA — 2017

“Having an imaginative or sensitively emotional style of expression” is one of definitions of poetic, which describes the exquisitely detailed landscapes and objects in Eugenie Geb’s drawings, the constructed cityscapes and rooms in Han Nguyen’s elegant photographs and the lushly colored figures and flowers in DeLoss McGraw’s symbolic watercolors about San Diego. All three of these critically renowned artists are featured in this exhibition, assembled by the nationally known and locally based art critic, art historian and author Robert L. Pincus, PhD.

To Be Continued: The Power of Suggested Stories in the Art of Rachel Stuart-Hass, Joshua Chambers and Taffie Garsee


Shreveport, LA  — 2014

“It is safe to say that for as long as there have been Homo sapiens there has been storytelling. And if such ancient wonders as the drawings in the caves of Lascaux and Chauvet tell us anything, it is that narrative preceded language. So it is almost inevitable that tale telling in drawing, painting, photography and other forms of visual art would endure, even in our age of countless novels and movies. The point of this exhibition was to highlight the work of three accomplished artists, quite distinct from each other, who each employ the power of story to create a vision of the relationship between art and life.”  — RLP

Cultural Excavations: Recent and Distant

Los Angeles Visual Arts Festival (LAVA)

Los Angeles — 1983


Critical Mass, Shreveport Regional Arts Council in Shreveport, LA, 2013-present

The Cannon Art Gallery 2019 Juried Biennial, Dec. 28, 2018 – Jan. 13, 2019

The 24th Annual Juried Exhibition, Athenaeum Music & Arts Library at San Diego Sate University in La Jolla, CA, Aug. 1-19, 2015

Oceanside Museum of Art Artists Alliance at the Museum 2015, Jul. 11-Oct. 25, 2015

“Capturing the Wonder of Women” for the Women’s Museum of California, Dec. 7, 2013