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Robert L. Pincus


Robert L. Pincus teaches graduate courses on writing, theory, and criticism as a lecturer in the Department of Art at California State University Long Beach.

He teaches undergraduate courses as a Visiting Professor in the Department of Art, Architecture, and Art History at the University of San Diego.

He was previously a Visiting Professor in the Department of Art at San Diego State University, and an instructor at the University of Southern California.

A Note on Teaching

“One of the inspiring dimensions of being in the classroom is to see register when a work of art, a reading or a subject being discussed a moment of discovery for a student. This is why I have long valued discussion as much as lecturing, if not more so, in my courses. Students take away from class the materials that engaged them the most.

I never assume simply because works and periods may be intrinsically intriguing to me means that will be true for students. It’s not good enough simply to explain and interpret the works we are covering well.

It’s important to convey why this material is of great interest, and relevant in the present. One other guiding idea is to place works of art in a broader context, through the history of the era and philosophical currents. It is all part of trying to bring the works to life, no matter what their century.”

Robert L. Pincus

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