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“A Paean to Rusticity and Agrarian Life: ‘The Cranberry Harvest: The Island of Nantucket’ by Eastman Johnson is a beautifully realized vision of community,” for The Wall Street Journal, Jun. 20, 2017


“Berenice Abbott’s Eye for the 20th Century: Robert L. Pincus reviews ‘Paris Portraits 1925-1930,'” for The Wall Street Journal, Dec. 22

“Celebrating a Legend: Louis Kahn,” for San Diego Magazine, Nov. 28

“Walton is Worthy of a Statue but the Airport is Not the Place for It,” for The San Diego Union-Tribune, Oct. 14

“In 1970’s San Diego, These Groundbreaking Artists Pushed the Boundaries of Photography,” for Artbound, Oct. 11

“The Rise and Fall of the First Mega-Artist: Bernard Buffet was once as famous as Picasso and Matisse,” for The Wall Street Journal, Sept. 23

“Ambitious Project Leads Artists to Build 47 Monuments Along the 1821 U.S. Mexican Border,” for Artbound, Aug.

“Reconstructing a Landmark: How a Popular Book, Cultural Attitudes Transformed San Diego’s La Casa de Estudillo,” for Artbound, Jul.

“A Skid Row Portrait of Pathos: ‘Sollie 17,’ a tableau by Edward Kienholz and Nancy Reddin Kienholz, is unsurpassed for the sense of urban isolation it conveys,” for The Wall Street Journal, Jun. 2

“Bhavna Mehta and the Power of Paper,” for Artbound, Apr.

“Collective Magpie’s Ingenious Collective Endeavors,” Artbound, Mar.

“Robin Bright: The Exquisite Elegance of Minimalist Objects,” for Artbound, Jan.


“Wayne Thiebaud: California’s Pop Icon Who Wasn’t Pop,” for Artbound, Nov.

“San Diego Public Library’s Innovative Arts Program,” for Artbound, Oct.

“The New Life of the San Diego Art Institute,” for Artbound, Aug.

“Telling Pictures Through Stories: The singularity originality of Brian Selznick’s highly visual work,” for San Diego Magazine, Aug.

“Marianela de la Hoz: Haunting Scenes of Disquieting Beauty,” for Artbound, Jun.

“Tom Driscoll: Hidden in Plain Sight,” for Artbound, Apr. 2015


“The Genius of Dr. Seuss: An in-depth and interactive exhibit of the San Diego storyteller and artist’s work debuts in Balboa Park,” for San Diego Magazine, Dec.

“The Ten: Collectors to Watch Around the World: Viveca Paulin-Ferrell,” for Art News, Summer

“Downtown Abbott: The Fascinating Unknown Photographs of Berenice Abbott,” for Art News, May


“A Portrait of the Artist as Herself,” for San Diego Magazine, October 2013


“A City with Two Minds: An examination of San Diego’s collected public art,” for San Diego Magazine, Nov.


“Conversational Critic, Talking Poet: David Antin,” for the San Diego Reader, Aug. 11


“Shared Vision: Fort Worth’s Kimbell, San Diego’s Timken make each work count,” The Dallas Morning News, November 26, 2010

“Big Plans, Big Spaces in Los Angeles,” The New York Times, September 9, 2010

“Seeing the city through an artist’s eyes: James Enos,” for The San Diego Union-Tribune, Jun. 20, 2010

“Abstract artist a real mind at 76: Richard Allen Morris,” for The San Diego Union-Tribune, Jun. 13, 2010

“It Might be Time to go ‘Trout Fishing’ Again,” for The San Diego Union-Tribune, Jan. 24, 2010


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