Selected Articles & Reviews






  • “A Portrait of the Artist as Herself,” for San Diego Magazine, October 2013





  • Numerous exhibition reviews, Art in America, 1982-2010
  • “To Live and Drive in L.A. (review of book, This Side of Paradise: Body and Landscape in Los Angeles Photographs), Art News, December 2009
  • “Manny Farber: critic ‘who opened other critics’ eyes,'” for The San Diego Union-Tribune, Oct. 4, 2009
  • “Director, Collector, Provocateur: Hugh Davies,” Art Ltd., January 2009
  • “Light Makes Right: Robert Irwin in San Diego,” Art Ltd., March 2008
  • “’Las Vegas Diaspora’ at the Las Vegas Art Museum,” Art Ltd., January 2008
  • “Port Surrenders in the battle against kitsch,” for The San Diego Union-Tribune, Mar. 11, 2007


  • “City Focus, San Diego: Declaration of Independence,” Art News, October 1997
  • “The Making of Manuel Neri,” Sculpture, January-February 1994
  • “Cast in Hope: Edward and Nancy Reddin Kienholz’s Mine Camp,” Sculpture, April-May 1992
  • “Critical Assemblages: The Kienholz Tableaux,” Art in America, June 1990


  • “Sophie Calle: The Prying Eye,” Art in America, October 1989
  • “Art as Artifact: The Rise of Historicism in Southern California Painting and Sculpture, Flash Art, Summer 1985
  • Exhibition reviews, Artforum, January 1984 – April 1985
  • Peer Reviewed: “Pictures of New England’s Apocalypse: Benjamin Tompson’s Transformation of the British Advice-To-A-Painter Poem,” Early American Literature, vol. XIX, 1984/85
  • Peer Reviewed: “A Mediated Vision, A Measured Voice: Culture and Criticism in Whitman’s Prose,” in the Walt Whitman Quarterly Review, vol. 2, no. 1, 1984
  • “The Open Road of Risk: George Herms. Wallace Berman, the Beats and West Coast Visionary Poetics,” Journal (Los Angeles Institute of Contemporary Art), v. 4, no. 34, 1982
  • “Parisian Culture During the War Years: ‘Paris-Paris’ at the Center Georges Pompidou,” Images and Issues, v. 2, no. 2, 1981
  • Exhibition reviews, Artweek, 1979

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